NSA Eventbars has developed a great deal since its origins over 280 years ago.

Symonds’ Cider and English Wine Company of Stoke Lacy, was founded in 1727 and remained in family ownership until 1984. During that time, Symond’s Cider was not only popular in within Herefordshire, but also nationally and was as big as other national Herefordshire Cider companies such as Bulmers and also Westons Cider, who still have strong links today, selling their Stowford Press at all major events up and down the country.


The most famous and popular drink produced by Symonds’ Cider was Scrumpy Jack.

Scrumpy Jack was first produced in 1973 by Neville’s Father, Mr Bill Symonds and continued to develop until the family firm was taken over by Greenall Whitley in 1984 and sold to Bulmers in 1989. In 2000 UK Sales exceeded 200million litres.

During that time, Neville Symonds started to sell cider from his first mobile cider bar up and down the country. With regular visits from TV personalities such as Terry Wogan, Ian Botham, Paul Daniels and the Wurzels, the popularity of Symonds Cider grew even more.

In 2000, the plant at Stoke Lacy was closed and in 2001, part of it was acquired by the Wye Valley Brewery. NSA Eventbars was created and the rest, as they say is history.


Based in the heart of Herefordshire, NSA Eventbars successfully provide high quality event bars for all public events across many counties in England & Wales.

As an independent family business we offer bar solutions for all types of events – mobile, pop up, umbrella, themed, sponsored, custom made, VIP, members’ enclosures and festival bars. We pride ourselves on achieving a well-deserved reputation for outstanding event bar services with an excellent team of trained, experienced and smartly dressed staff.


About Us

NSA Eventbars is a family owned business based in rural Herefordshire run by the Symonds family.
With a rich heritage of over 280 years, the family has been involved with many aspects of the brewing & events industry.

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